'60 Sammlerstück

by Artem Bezukladnikov

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Recorded in Berlin, July 2011 - March 2012.
E-Bowed electric guitars and oscillators.
Only 4 physical copies were made.

Time often seems as an illusion, a spiral, a cosmic joke you will never be able to comprehend. Living in the moment can be as intense, as interpreting the moment inside the concept of our certain finite existence and the meaning or the influence one single deed will have to a lifetime. Absurdity and the transcendent rigidness of fear are certain companions to vision and clarity of a concetraded action. When I die, my life and thoughts will still be contained in every single second of these recordings.

This album completely (and naively) abandons musical scales. During the recording and completition I have not used tuners once. Any correct pitch that can be traced down to a note is completely accidental.

Detuning my guitar slowly and minimally, while trying to make changes as barely audible as possible, searching for sounds hidden in between notes and pitches, proved to bring rich results and complex tonal interactions on many layers, some barely hearable. I used sine waves to accentuate certain passages, or to bring out the full potential of the "drones".

During the recording process I was slowly losing my mind, living in a perpetual state of depression, grief and substance abuse. Now, this time seems distant, unhealthy and psychotic. But the results still baffle me, year after year.

This is a humble homage to Tony Conrad, Phill Niblock and Ellen Fullman.

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released June 22, 2012




Urthsla Berlin, Germany

Selected archive, 2008-ongoing.

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